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Welcome To

Bare Trees Primary School

Year 5



Welcome to our Year 5 web page! We will be filling this page with exciting news, pictures of things we've done and more.


Please keep checking this page to find out what we have been doing!


Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites!


Meet the Team!


The staff working in Year 5 are:

Mrs. Burns - Lime Class Teacher & Year Group Lead

Mrs. Killan & Mrs. Hussain - Larch Class Teachers

Mrs Shah - Laurel Class Teacher


Mr Horsfield - Teaching Assistant

Mrs. McCarthy - Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Ali - Teaching Assistant

Mr Cunningham - Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Begum - Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Yazmin Teaching Assistant

Miss White - Teaching Assistant





Below you will find some top tips to support your child's reading from the Education Endowment Foundation. We would like to thank parents for your efforts in supporting your child's learning and development while we are unable to operate as we normally would.


 How to join Google Classroom and Purple Mash

A parent's guide to Remote Education.

Google Classroom update


Year 5,

We just wanted to say a big well done to everyone who is accessing and completing their work on Google Classroom and joining the live lessons. You are expected to join all live lessons daily at 10.15 am, 12.15 pm and 2.15 pm. We have been very impressed with the quality of some of your work and how you are managing to use online devices as well as helping others. As this is a new way of working for most of us, I just wanted to remind everyone of some of the things we discussed with you before school closed, so that everyone has the same message.

1. You can access google classroom at any time through the day that suits you, however, your teachers will only be posting and responding during what would be the normal school day between 8:50am - 3:30pm from Monday to Friday. If you choose to post a comment or ask a question outside of this time, it may not be responded to, by a teacher, until the next school day.

2. Although we may not respond immediately, your teachers can see every comment that is made, and we will take action if we feel that people are not posting comments that are respectful of one another. Please make sure that any communication on Google Classroom follows our Bare Trees standards and rules.

3. Work tasks are set daily, by your teachers, and should usually be completed on the day they are set. Some tasks may say they allow for additional time (e.g. 1 week) to be completed and you can check this by reading the instructions to the assignment and by checking the due date and time. Once an assignment has passed its due date, the assignment will become locked and will no longer accept new responses and you will have missed out on responding. We are keeping track of children that are regularly completing work and will arrange appropriate rewards for those children when school reopens.

4. On most occasions, your work will be marked and returned to you the day after it was set. This is to allow your teachers to ensure everyone has had a chance to respond, before they begin marking. Once returned to you, you can see your marks for that piece of work and any comments and feedback that have been left by your teachers.

We really hope that you are enjoying your home learning and are not missing school too much. If you have any questions about what we have shared, then please post them on Google Classroom.


If you require technical support please call: 07919352711 or email: between 8:30am and 3:30pm Monday to Friday. Thank you. For example, if you have not been able to join live lessons, access or use Google Slides, jamboard or attach an image of your work.

Best wishes,

The Year 5 Team