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RWI Phonics lessons


Start off with Speed Sound lessons every day using the link below.

Films will show at the times below and be available for 24 hours.


  • Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30 am
  • Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00 am
  • Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30 am


Challenge 1 – Engaging with Poetic Language

Log onto the Children’s poetry Website on the link to listen to the poem or read it here



Can you think carefully about the adjectives (describing words) and the nouns

(names of objects, people or places), that the poet has used.


Can you illustrate the poem? Illustrate each line, in turn.


Make your illustration as colourful as possible, taking care that it includes everything from the poem.

Challenge 2 –Recognising Poetry Structures and Handwriting


Can you re-read the poem

In your best handwriting can you copy out the poem, exactly as it appears on the page.

Remember, when you are handwriting, to form your letters correctly.


Tall letters reach up to the sun, small letters sit on the boat, and water letters, dip their toes in the sea.



Challenge 3 –Understanding Poetry

Comprehension and Inference


Can you answer the questions about the poem we have read?

 Lord Neptune by June Nichols


    1. How does the poem make you feel?


    2. What does it mean “the tide was falling fast?”


    3. On what building would you see a turret and a rampart?


    4. What is a moat?


    5. What do you understand by “the sand king ruled?”


    6. What time of day is dusk?


    7. What does “Neptune’s rolling tide” mean?


    8. Can you identify any rhyming words in the poem?



Log in to TT Rockstars to practise your times tables. 


Read and listen to The doorbell rang

How many cookies did Grandma cook?


How many cookies each, did the two children get ?


When the doorbell rang again how many cookies each did the four children get?


What type of calculation did you do to answer the questions?



Log on to play the matching game, numerals to words

Compare and order numbers

I know that 32 is smaller than 76, because 32 only has 3 tens, and 76 has 7 tens.


use more than (>) and less than (<) symbols when comparing numbers.


For example,  write 32 < 76 or 76 > 32.

Counting Coins

Counting Coins


See your "To do's" on Purple Mash.

Can you paint a bird of prey? The bird of prey we have 

been watching on the National Trust webcam is an Osprey, but can you paint an Eagle?

Can you draw a sea creature (real or imagined) that may be washed up on the shore as the tide turns, in the Lord Neptune poem?