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Mental Health Week 23



This week is designated as "Children's Mental Health Week." This year’s theme is "Connect".


Let's Connect is about making meaningful connections for all, during Children's Mental Health Week-and beyond. Human beings thrive in communities, and this connection is vital for our wellbeing and our survival. When we have healthy connections-to family, friends, and others-this can support our mental health and our sense of wellbeing.


As we participate in children’s mental health week, we are also encouraging all of our families to take part in focusing on the five steps at home with their children.


February’s theme is Connect. Connect is about connecting with those around us and spending time developing these connections. We know that you will all be connecting with your children on a daily basis and are aware of how important a strong positive connection is between children and their care givers.


Some of the ways you will be/could do this are:-

 Asking your child to show you/tell you something they are proud of today e.g. going down the slide for the first time, putting their coat on by themselves.

 Taking time to share experiences with your child (with no electronic devices), playing with them, reading them a bedtime story, eating dinner together, baking together, doing craft together.

 Taking time to chat with your child; about their interests, friends.

 When you pick your child up from nursery, daycare, childminder focusing on your child and try not to be distracted by others around you.

 If you are doing tasks such as walking the dog, going to the shops– take your child with you.

During Mental Health Week, we opened up our doors to parents and carers for a coffee morning. Parents and carers could relax and socialise with other adults while enjoying refreshments.Adam from Place2Be attended, and the Wellbeing Ambassadors were on hand to help. 




"Nice to be here."

"I like it, it was lovely."

"It was nice to meet other parents."

"It is very good, I'm happy to attend."

"I like coffee morning, thank you so much."

"It was nice we could meet with some parents. I hope the school organise this type of meeting many times in a year. Thanks."


On the tables were these flyers: