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Bare Trees Primary School

Our Favourite Stories

Library Trip

The children in Nursery had so much fun on their trip to the library. They walked sensibly from school to Chadderton Well-being Centre, once we arrived the children had a special story time of their favourite story The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We then had a picture hunt around the library looking for some of the pictures from the story. They then had time to explore and choose a book to look at, some children even used their Library cards to borrow the books and take them home to share at with their family. 


Owl Babies

Our favourite story has been Owl Babies, the children loved reading this story and talking about the owl babies, Sarah, Percy and Bill. We thought about the characters and the setting of the story. The children have done lots of exploring in the outdoor area to see if we could find any nests, we then collected twigs and leaves to make our own nests for the owl babies.

We're going on a Bear Hunt continued.....

This week we continued to work on We’re going on a bear hunt. We had a very exciting week writing a plan of how to catch a bear. As the children came into Nursery on Monday we found something very sad! All of our teddies had been taken! But by who? The children thought about who could have taken our teddies and we decided it must have been the Bear from our story, We’re going on a Bear Hunt. The children then decided to make a trap!! On Wednesday we went on a bear hunt! The children loved exploring the outdoor area. We had to go through the long wavy grass, the think oozy mud and the deep dark forest.