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Bare Trees Primary School


This week we are going to think about counting amounts up to three. We are going to explore ways of counting and representing amounts.


To begin with watch the video below about the number 1.

I Can Show the Number 1 in Many Ways

Can you remember the number name?


Task 1


Can you find 1 shoe?

Can you find 1 apple?

Can you hop on 1 leg?

Can you point to 1 eye?

Can you clap 1 time?

Can you jump 1 time?


Task 2


Look at the pictures below. Ask your child to count how many objects they can see.


Can you show me the amount on your fingers?


Explore you house both inside and outside. Can you child find objects and count out 1?



Can you try and write the numeral 1 on a piece of paper?


Use the picture and rhyme below to help you.