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Linking Project

What is the Linking Project?

The Linking Project supports schools and communities to develop a positive, cohesive ethos by helping children, young people and adults to explore identity, celebrate diversity, champion equality and promote community.


First Meeting

Pupils in Year 3 at Bare Trees met with pupils at other schools in Manchester to complete activities and build new friendships. On Thursday 19th October pupils from 3A and half of 3DW went to Castleshaw Centre to meet with pupils from Christ Church School. On Monday 23rd October pupils from 3W and half of 3DW went to Castleshaw Centre to meet with pupils from St. Paul's School. 


What is the Castleshaw Centre?

Castleshaw Centre is Oldham Council's Outdoor and Environmental Education Centre.


Castleshaw Centre Photographs

Castleshaw Centre Photographs 1
Castleshaw Centre Photographs 2
Castleshaw Centre Photographs 3
Castleshaw Centre Photographs 4
Castleshaw Centre Photographs 5
Castleshaw Centre Photographs 6
Castleshaw Centre Photographs 7
Castleshaw Centre Photographs 8
Castleshaw Centre Photographs 9
Castleshaw Centre Photographs 10
Castleshaw Centre Photographs 11
Castleshaw Centre Photographs 12
Castleshaw Centre Photographs 13
Castleshaw Centre Photographs 14
Castleshaw Centre Photographs 15
Castleshaw Centre Photographs 16
Castleshaw Centre Photographs 17
Castleshaw Centre Photographs 18
Castleshaw Centre Photographs 19
Castleshaw Centre Photographs 20
Castleshaw Centre Photographs 21
Castleshaw Centre Photographs 22
Castleshaw Centre Photographs 23
Castleshaw Centre Photographs 24
Castleshaw Centre Photographs 25
Castleshaw Centre Photographs 26

Second Meeting

Pupils from 3W and half of 3DW visited St. Paul's Primary School on Tuesday 21st November. In the morning we took part in human bingo, orienteering and made peace doves using clay. In the afternoon we created peace poems and shared a special singing assembly together. We had a fantastic day with our new friends.


Pupils from 3A and half of 3DW visited Christ Church Primary School on Thursday 23rd November. On arrival we all warmed up by dancing together in the hall.  After our warm up we made fruit kebabs, created friendship bracelets, painted butterflies and watched an amazing gym performance. What a super day we had with our friends from Christ Church.

St. Paul's Photographs

St. Paul's Photographs 1
St. Paul's Photographs 2
St. Paul's Photographs 3
St. Paul's Photographs 4
St. Paul's Photographs 5
St. Paul's Photographs 6
St. Paul's Photographs 7
St. Paul's Photographs 8
St. Paul's Photographs 9
St. Paul's Photographs 10
St. Paul's Photographs 11
St. Paul's Photographs 12
St. Paul's Photographs 13
St. Paul's Photographs 14
St. Paul's Photographs 15
St. Paul's Photographs 16
St. Paul's Photographs 17
St. Paul's Photographs 18
St. Paul's Photographs 19
St. Paul's Photographs 20
St. Paul's Photographs 21
St. Paul's Photographs 22
St. Paul's Photographs 23
St. Paul's Photographs 24

Christ Church Photographs

Christ Church Photographs 1
Christ Church Photographs 2
Christ Church Photographs 3
Christ Church Photographs 4
Christ Church Photographs 5
Christ Church Photographs 6
Christ Church Photographs 7

Pen Pals

Pen Pals 1
Pen Pals 2
Pen Pals 3

Third Meeting

Our next meeting was at Gallery Oldham. 3W and half of 3DW met St. Paul's School on Tuesday 13th March and 3A and half of 3DW will be meeting Christ Church School on Thursday 15th March. 


We began by completing some warm up activities including drawing our friend without taking our pencil off the paper and drawing our friend with our other hand. We then visited the gallery to complete a quiz and drew pictures showing the area of Oldham more than 100 years ago. Finally we made our own pop up picture showing our favourite building in Oldham. We had a fantastic time and enjoyed catching up with our friends from St. Paul's Primary School. 

Gallery Oldham Photographs

Gallery Oldham Photographs 1
Gallery Oldham Photographs 2
Gallery Oldham Photographs 3
Gallery Oldham Photographs 4
Gallery Oldham Photographs 5
Gallery Oldham Photographs 6
Gallery Oldham Photographs 7
Gallery Oldham Photographs 8
Gallery Oldham Photographs 9
Gallery Oldham Photographs 10
Gallery Oldham Photographs 11
Gallery Oldham Photographs 12
Gallery Oldham Photographs 13
Gallery Oldham Photographs 14
Gallery Oldham Photographs 15
Gallery Oldham Photographs 16
Gallery Oldham Photographs 17
Gallery Oldham Photographs 18
Gallery Oldham Photographs 19
Gallery Oldham Photographs 20
Gallery Oldham Photographs 21
Gallery Oldham Photographs 22
Gallery Oldham Photographs 23
Gallery Oldham Photographs 24
Gallery Oldham Photographs 25
Gallery Oldham Photographs 26
Gallery Oldham Photographs 27

Final Meeting


Our final meeting in Year 3 with our linking project schools was on Thursday 21st June. Pupils from Christ Church and St. Pauls school visited Bare Trees to take part in a sports day. We really enjoyed the event and hope to keep in touch with our new friends as we get ready to go into Year 4. 

Sports Day

Sports Day  1
Sports Day  2
Sports Day  3
Sports Day  4
Sports Day  5
Sports Day  6
Sports Day  7
Sports Day  8