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Share this poster with your adult:


RWI Phonics lessons

Start off with Speed Sound lessons every day using the link below.

Films will show at the times below and be available for 24 hours.

  • Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30 am
  • Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00 am
  • Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30 am


Ready For Reading

Read The Cave

Now answer the following questions

1. Which two dinosaurs appear in the story?

2. Which of these dinosaurs is the pant eater? Do you know what word is used to describe pant eaters?

3. Which two days of the week is it likely not to be?

4. Where is Billy?

5. What time of the day do you think it is?

6. Which of the two dinosaurs is more likely to be Billy's favourite?


Author Masterclass

 Wild World Masterclass   Week 3       

Remember the poem we read from Wild World about the first habitat, The Rainforest – A Secret World last week, and we answered questions about the language the author used


Adjective – describing word

Metaphor – compares two things which are not alike, but have something in common

e.g. My brother is the black sheep of the family

Alliteration -When words start with the same sound e.g. Peter Piper

Tone – the attitude you feel from the poem

Imagery - Parts of the poem that make you feel different things

Contrast – describing the difference between two things sometimes opposites

e.g. black and white

We are going to think about how to become good writers.

Click on the link “Advice for writing poetry”, to hear the author, Angela, giving advice and tips on how to become a great writer.

Angela’s advice says;


“After reading lots of books, and information, looking at lots of pictures and images about the subject, using all your senses to think about it, it is important to shut your eyes, sit very still, very quiet and wander around your imagination, spending time to imagine a place using all your senses.”





Look closely at the front cover and the Rainforest pages in the book.

Can you write your own poem, about the Rainforest?

You could use the mind map you created on Week 1 to help you to select the language.

Try to use some of the language you came across in the comprehension last week,








orange Orangutan

deafening sounds

thundering silence


green grass

scary squawks

sudden softness


brown bark

quietly curious



tall trees

dancing millipedes

damp, heat


tiny toadstools

fanciful, fluttering parrots

hot, clammy air


ruby, red petals

king of the jungle

gentle, giant


creepy, crawling ,creatures

Hive of activity

silver moon


Take your time, imagine the colours you can see, the sounds you can hear, how you feel, what you can smell, what you might touch.




Complete the poems that have been started for you.........

Down in the darkness,

Where the tree roots creep, their clambering fingers grasping the earth,

Slimy, silver tongued snakes scurry, hunting their prey..........................




The sun sparkles above the canopy, casting a warm, rosy glow...............




Writing a Poem




Which numbers on the 100 square are in the 3, 5 and 10 times tables? Colour those numbers.

100 Square

Fraction Fingers


Write simple fractions e.g: 1⁄2 of 6 = 3

1. If each of your fingers is to represent a ‘half’, therefore one hand is worth ‘two and a half’.

2. How much are two hands worth?

3. How much are six fingers worth?

4. How much are six fingers subtract two fingers worth?

5. What is the value of ten fingers less two fingers?


Can you find and explain the odd one out?

Can I Find Half of a set of objects or quantity?


Can I Find a Quarter of a set of objects or quantity?

How good are you at Fractions?

Test your knowledge on Mathsframe.co.uk Penalty shoot out

or try doubles and Halves on the Daily 10?

Just click the link




Colouring can be an effective method of Mindfulness. It can help to improve physical, mental and emotional problems, relaxing a person. Certain colours can help you sleep, think, and concentrate.



Colour in Poster

Why not print out the poster, to help remind you of all the good things at this difficult time.

Then print out the Mindfulness colourings.



Today I will be ......