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Bare Trees Primary School

Task 2


30 minutes


What to do:

To segment sounds in simple words and blend them together.


How to do it:

Recap teaching your child to blend using the Read Write Inc information video attached below.

On small pieces of paper write the sounds

m a s t d i n g o p c k u b f

one sound on each small piece of paper.

Make the following words and ask your child to segment the sounds and blend them back together to read. As shown in the video above.


b a d      b i t


a t          n o t



Ask your child to sound out the word you have made and blend the sounds to read the words


Click on the link and play the game

After each word click the star or push the lever to change the word

If your child finds that tricky:

Recap learning any sounds that your child has struggled to remember.



Read these words and draw a picture to match the words: