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To order containers according to their capacity 

How to do it:

Get 3 or 4 cups, bottles or containers that are the same size, put different amounts of water in each container. 

Ask your child to put the containers  in order according to the amount of water in them.

Which container has the most water?

Which least amount of water?

Use the language of capacity from yesterday to explain how much water is in each container.   


If you find it tricky: 

Practise the language of capacity from yesterday.

Use cups and a bowl of water. 

Using the words, full, empty, nearly full, nearly empty. 



Complete the activity and order the containers according to their capacity.  

Then make some statements and ask your child to tell if it is  correct or not correct and give reasons for their answer.

For example, this container is nearly empty and this container is full, is that correct or not correct?

Repeat with different questions.