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Bare Trees Primary School


Autumn 1

Health and Wellbeing

We will be learning about:

  •  The people whose job it is to help keep us safe
  •  What to do if there is an accident and someone is hurt
  • How to get help in an emergency (how to dial 999 and what to say)
  • Online safety- opening emails.
  •  How to respond safely to adults they don’t know
  • What to do if they feel unsafe or worried for themselves or others;
  • Who to ask for help and vocabulary to use when asking for help and the importance of keeping trying until they are heard
  •  The different roles and responsibilities people have in their community.


Autumn 2

Health and Wellbeing.

We will be learning about:


  •  What keeping healthy means and different ways to keep healthy
  •  Simple hygiene routines that can stop germs from spreading
  •  How medicines (including vaccinations and immunisations and those that support allergic reactions) can help people stay healthy. 
  •  Dental care and visiting dentist; how to brush correctly; food and drink that support dental health
  •  The people who help us to stay physically healthy
  •  Things that people put on their skin and bodies and how these can affect how people feel.

Spring 1


Children will be learning:

  • What makes them special
  • How to recognise the ways in which we are all unique 
  • How to identify what they are good at, what they like or dislike
  •  About personality identity, what contributes to who we are (e.g. ethnicity, gender, faith, culture, hobbies, likes/dislikes). 
  • To recognise that some things are private and the importance of respecting privacy and that some parts of their body are private.


Spring 2

Living in the Wider World.

Year 1 will be learning:

  •  About growing and changing from young to old and how people's needs change
  •  About what is kind and unkind behaviour, and how this can affect others
  •  About how to treat themselves and others with respect; how to be polite, and courteous 
  •  How to listen to other people and play and work cooperatively 
  •  How to talk about and share their opinions on things that matter to them
  •  How people and other living things have different needs and about the responsibilities of caring for them
  •  About things they can do to help look after their environment.