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Bare Trees Primary School is committed to safeguarding our pupils.

We expect all staff, governors, visitors and volunteers to share this commitment.

For details please see our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy, which can be viewed on our School website or requested from the main office.

For more information please click here to read our Safeguarding Policy.

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Autumn 1


Children to paint buildings of Chadderton in the style of Pier 

  • Explore mark-making using thick brushes, sponges and foam.
  • Develop increasing control when using brushes.
  •  Experiment with colour and develop opinions about them.
  • Name the Primary colours and know that these colours cannot be made by mixing others.
  • Purposefully select colours to use in my own work.
  • Explore the effect on paint by adding water, glue, sand or sawdust.

Spring 2


During Spring 2 Year 1 are working on their collage skills, they will be: 

  • Using a combination of materials that have been cut, torn and glued.

  • Select resources, sort and use according to specific qualities, e.g. warm, cold, shiny, smooth.

  • Cut multiple shapes with scissors and arrange/ stick these on a surface with a purpose.

  • Begin to use key vocabulary to demonstrate knowledge and understanding in this strand: collage, squares, gaps, mosaic, features, cut, place, arrange.


Summer 1


Our Summer 1 unit of work is to create a piece of art using printing techniques. Throughout the half term we will:

  • Copy an original print. 

  • Create patterns by printing with a wider range of materials, e.g.sponges, vegetables or fruit. - Print using multiple block colours onto paper and textiles.  

  • Observe the effect of coloured ink on coloured paper etc. 

  • Create a printing block and a repeating pattern. 

  • Begin to use key vocabulary to demonstrate knowledge and understanding: colour, shape, printing, printmaking, woodcut, relief printing, objects.