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To order objects according to their height

How to do it:

Help your child together objects that are different heights form around your home.

Examples could be cups, a lamp, boxes, toys, cuddly toys.

Ask your child to put the objects in order according to height. 

Start with the shortest to the tallest.

Look at the photographs, encourage your child to use this mathematical language when discussing the height of the objects

If you find it tricky: 

Use 2 objects and ask your child to show you the tallest and shortest objects.

Repeat this with several objects. 


Ask your child to put 3 objects in order according to their height. 

Tell your child a statement and ask them to tell you if it is correct or not correct.

For example: The teddy is taller than the cup, is that correct or not correct?

The cup is shorter than the lamp, is that correct or not correct? 

Ask your child to give reasons for their answers