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Activity: To share a group of objects fairly using Mathematical language 


How to do it: Click the link to watch the video. How to share fairly


Gather some objects from around your home. Collect 3 plates or bowls. Ask the children to count out 6 objects. Explain they are now going to share the 6 objects equally between 2 plates. Remember to put one on each plate at a time. Count how many objects you have on each plate.  6 shared between 2 equals 3  

Repeat this activity using up to 12 objects and 2 or 3 plates. 

If you find it tricky: Use up 8 objects and 2 plates. Share 2 then 4 then 6 then 8 between the 2 plates. Explain each step as you work out the answer.


Challenge: Use up to 15 objects to share between 3 plates. Then create your own sharing number sentences.  How many objects will you use between how many plates?