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Activity: Watch the video


How to do it:  How milk gets from the farm to the shops

How our milk gets from the farm to the shop | Geography - William Whiskerson

William Whiskerson meets Theo on his family farm. He learns how female cows make milk and then takes a trip around the farm wh...

Ask your child these questions about the video.

  • What is the shed called where the cows go to get milked?
  • Why do the cows need to be washed before they are milked?
  • What is the machine called that milks the cows?
  • How many small bottles can 1 cow's milk fill?
  • What is the special lorry called that takes the milk to the diary?

Remember to answer using full sentences.


If you find it tricky: 

All children to watch the video



Explain using the language of retelling how milk gets from the farm to the shops. 


Progression in Language Structures: Language of Retelling 

First I ….. First the… 

Then….. After…….

And then……….

What happened first? Then what happened?