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Bare Trees Primary School

Task 1


30 minutes


What to do:

To use a rhyming string


How to do it:

Click on the link and listen to the song

Rhyming Words


To say a words that rhyme.

Join in the song and practise saying the rhyming words.

Remember a word rhymes if it ends in the same sound.


Practise the rhymes we heard in the song, say them out loud


cat  bat  hat  rat


an  pan  can  man


cap  map  nap  tap


dad  sad  pad  lad


pen  men  hen  ten


If your child finds that tricky:

Watch the video again

Encourage your child to repeat the words when they see the pictures.

Use 2 of the above example and repeat them together



Can you say 2 words that rhyme with bed?

Can you say 2 words that rhyme with dog?