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Task 2


Finding 1 more that a given number to 20


How to do it:

You will need:

A number grid to 20 and a car or small toy.

If you don’t have a grid you can make one like this. 

Click on the link below and press play

If you find it tricky: 

Gather 10 objects and ask your child to count out a number, then add one, ask then to say the number sentence 

For example 

Ask your child to count out 5 object then add 1 more 

5 add 1 more more = 6

Repeat with different numbers. 



Can you say one more or less to 20?

Write the numbers 1-20 on separate pieces of paper.

Put them face down and mix them up.

Pick a number and work out what is one more and one less than that number.