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Activity: Share objects equally on to your hands 


How to do it: 

Draw round your hands so you have 3 hands. Gather objects and put them into a pile.

Ask your child to count out 10 objects. Share the 10 objects equally using 2 of the hands. 

Count how many objects each hand has.  Ask your child to say the sentence 

10 shared between 2 equals 5

Repeat this using 8 and 12 objects.

This time count out 9 objects and share them equally between 3 hands. 

How many objects does each hand have?

9 shared between 3 equals 3

Repeat using 6, 12 and 15 objects.


If you find it tricky: 

Draw round your hands. Gather objects into a pile.

Ask your child to count out 4 objects. 

Demonstrate sharing the objects equally between the 2 hands. 

4 shared between 2 equals 2.

Repeat using 2, 6 and 8 objects.



After completing the activities, create your own challenges. What items can you collect to share?

How many people will you share them with?