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Bare Trees Primary School


Today we are going to think about number 2.


Things to do:


Watch the video below.

The Number 2 | Number Songs By BubblePopBox | Learn The Number Two

Now we are going to explore number 2.


Task 1:


  • Can you clap 2 times?
  • Can you jump 2 times?
  • Can you find 2 shoes?
  • Can you find 2 socks?
  • Can you see 2 cars?
  • Can you point to 2 ears?
  • Can you nod your head 2 times?
  • Can you stamp your feet 2 times?


Task 2:


Now explore inside and outside. Can the children find objects and count 2? E.g. 2 sticks, 2 leaves




Can you see the number 2 anywhere? It could be on a door, on your clothes... look very closely!