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Supporting Children and Young People During the COVID-19 Pandemic - Advice for Parents / Carers from the Educational Psychology Service

C19 Community Helpline


C19 Community Helpline is still open to support residents on 0161 770 7007


The Helpline is there to support people of all ages who are isolated, do not have a social network and need:

  • Urgent access to food

  • Urgent access to prescription medication

  • Access to critical goods like sanitary products


For people to receive this offer they need to call the Helpline on 0161 770 7007. This is open from 9am-5pm on weekdays and 11am to 2pm on weekends. This bank holiday we will be operating the 11am until 2pm service.

The Helpline triage the calls into the right support. The Helpline has taken an average of 100 plus calls a day. 


Where people require emergency food and supplies they are referred into the Place Coordination Hubs. They work with the Food Distribution (Oldham Foodbank and Action Together) to issue a basic package of food items and other essential such as sanitary products and basic toiletries. The hubs have also been providing back up to the pharmacy model where they have had capacity issues in making deliveries. The hubs are also able to link people to mutual aid, co-ordinate emergency response volunteers and act as a source of local intelligence.

Food Bank Information

SEND provision is central to the whole-school practice within Bare Trees Primary School. The good practice embedded within SEND provision is the foundation for educating every child in the school. The SENCos are Miss Geraghty and Miss Inman. They can be contacted on 0161 503 4260 to request an appointment. 

Oldham Local Offer

Oldham Council's Local Offer can be found here;