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Write a diary entry about something you enjoyed about yesterday.

How to do it:

First ask your child to look at their sentence from yesterday. 

Talk about what went well.

Did they use finger spaces?

Did they use a full stop?

Now look at your sentence and think about what you need to remember today.


Draw a picture about an activity from yesterday and underneath write your sentence.

Dear Diary, on Wednesday …..

Remember to think about what you want to write before you start.

How many words are in your sentence?

Read your work when you have finished.


If you find it tricky: 

Ask your child to draw their activity from yesterday. Label the picture, sound out the words and ask your child to write them down.



Look at your sentences from this week. 

How can you improve them?

Could you add a describing word or use because?

Choose one of your sentences and write it again adding a describing word or because in your sentence to improve it.