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Bare Trees Primary School


Yesterday, we looked at counting and representing the number 1. 


Today we are going to be looking at the number 2.


Let's watch the video below to explore the number 2.

I Can Show the Number 2 in Many Ways

Can you remember the number name? 


Can you see the number 2 anywhere in your house?


Task 1


Can you find 2 shoes?

Can you find 2 socks?

Can you clap 2 times?

Can you jump 2 times?

Can you nod your head 2 times?

Can you blink two times?

Can you point to two eyes?

Can you point to two ears?

Can you point to two feet?


Task 2


Look at these photos. Can you count how many objects you can see in each photo?


Explore your house both inside and outside. Can your child count objects up to 2? 



Can you try writing the numeral 2? Use the picture below and rhyme to help you.