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Bare Trees Primary School


Yesterday we looked at the number 3. 


Today we are going to be counting different amounts to 3. 


Let's begin with watching this song about counting amounts up to 3.

Count 1 2 3

Now we are going to explore counting different amounts to 3.


What you will need

3 objects i.e. 3 cars, 3 apples etc. 

A blanket.


Task 1

On a surface, place some of the objects underneath the blanket, for example 2 apples, making sure they are in a line. 


Take the blanket away and ask your child how many objects there are underneath the blanket. 


Repeat this with different amounts up to 3, making sure your child counts the objects and says the number names. 


If you find it tricky

You can touch the objects whilst you count and count aloud so your adult can join in. 


Task 2

Explore your house both inside and outside. 

What objects can you find?

Can you count up to 3?