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We had a fantastic time in our Science lesson, during the last week of the Autumn term the children did their first scientific experiment. We wanted to find out if we could make a balloon blow up without touching it. The children came up with some fantastic predictions before carrying out the experiment. They suggested the air from outside may help or if we used a ballon pump. We put some baking powder inside a balloon using a funnel, we then emptied the baking powder into a bottle with vinegar. The chemical reaction between the vinegar and baking powder made the balloon blow up without us touching it. The children were amazed with this experiment, have a go at home! 

In Science we have been reading 'The Three Little Pigs' amd enjoyed testing which material is the strongest. We built houses with straw, sticks and, as we had no bricks, we used stones. We found that the stones were the strongest material to use. We used cement and rocks to make them strong so the wolf couldn't blow it down.