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Bare Trees Primary School


Reading (30 minutes)

RWI Phonics lessons

Start off with Speed Sound lessons every day using the link below.

Films will show at the times below and be available for 24 hours.

Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30 am
Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00 am
Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30 am

Read a book provided in your home learning pack. You can also use the link below to get eBooks matched to Read Write Inc. Phonics Storybooks.



LO: To create a mind map of ideas about where the giant could have gone missing. 


Use your ideas from yesterdays session to create a mind map of ideas about where the giant could have gone missing.  



LO: To make equal groups and group them



I Can Show Numbers In So Many Ways | Math Song for Kids | How to Represent Numbers | Jack Hartmann

Discover the different ways numbers can be represented in this number representation song. We say the number and show examples of different ways numbers can ...

Main Activity:



LO: To understand different ways to pay for items. 


Think about the different ways we can pay for things we need. How do people pay for things at the shops, or when they go on the bus? 


Write down a list of different ways your parents pay for things.