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Bare Trees Primary School


I hope you have had a fun week learning all about patterns. Looking at when things are the same and when they are different.


What to do:


Watch the video below, it is all about patterns. Can you help the Puffballs to finish the pattern?

Pattern | Words with Puffballs (Sesame Studios)

Join the Puffballs for the word of the day! Today's word is "pattern." A pattern is something that comes in a certain order and repeats. Can you find what go...

Now I want to see what you know about patterns, look carefully at the pattern in the video below... can you say what fruit will come next? Can you continue the repeated pattern?

Patterns for Kids | Learn Patterns | Preschool Patterns | Kindergarten Patterns | Children Learning

Learn patterns for kids with fruits in this ABB pattern children education video from Learning Time Fun Jr! Basic Patterns for children are essential as a pr...



Can you make your own repeating pattern? What objects, colours and shapes can you use? How will you arrange them?