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Hello Wednesday

RWI Phonics lessons


Start off with Speed Sound lessons every day using the link below.

Films will show at the times below and be available for 24 hours.


  • Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30 am
  • Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00 am
  • Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30 am

Reading Task

Take a look at  "First News" and answer the questions all about the Quick News Page:


1. Who is the street artist in item 4? Where have you seen street art before?

2. How are scientists using drones to help birds?

3. What percentage of 7 to 11 year olds have been reading since lockdown?

4. What happened to butterflies in Britain this Spring?

5. What do the Wildlife Trust want people to do with nature?

First News Newspaper

Writing Task

Log onto the Espresso Website

Listen to and read The Tadpole's Story


How much do you remember from the story The Tadpole's Promise? Take the quiz to find out:











TT Rockstars


Today we are going to be Code Breakers - We have to break the code to find the answers, but before we do, we need to warm up our Addition and Subtraction skills;

Lets look at Fact Families 


Example:       4 + 3 = 7         or      3 + 4 = 7


And:              7 - 4 = 3         or       7 - 3 = 4


For each set of numbers, write four different addition and subtraction facts.

Now Can you break the Emoji codes?

Be careful these are tricky! Remember your place value, 100's,10's and 1's.Each code is made up of 2 digit and some 3 digit numbers. Good Luck!

Code Breaking Super Challenge

Science and Nature

Did you know you can Log onto the Woodland Trust website and follow the amazing story of real life Birds of Prey?


You can follow the story of the resident Osprey pair, Louis and Aila live from the heart, (centre) of an ancient Caledonian (Scottish) pine forest.


They have set up a special webcam where you can go to watch the birds at any time day or night.


Due to its popularity, lots of school children like yourselves are interested in finding out about the birds, it may take a few seconds to load on some browsers.


Louis and Aila live very high up, in a Pine forest in Scotland. This is their habitat. They nest high up in the hills away from predators, and from their high nests they can swoop down into the low lands to hunt fish in the sparkling rivers below.

The trees in the forest where they live are called Pine trees.

Can you identify trees near your house? Maybe you have trees in your garden?

If you go for a walk to the park can you identify the trees there?

Take a look at the Tree Identification sheet and take it with you to see how many trees you can identify:


After that, take a good look at the leaves around where you live or walk. Can you use the pictures here to identify trees from their leaves in your habitat?


Be Thankful 

Well done for keeping up with your learning and trying your best. Now draw and colour a flower and fill it up with all the things you are grateful for today.