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Bare Trees Primary School


This week we are going to think about starting to count. We are going to begin to learn some number names and have fun exploring different ways to count.



Things to do:


Watch the video below all about number 1.

The Number 1 | Number Songs By BubblePopBox | Learn The Number One

Now we are going to explore number 1:


  • Can you find 1 shoe?
  • Can you find 1 cup?
  • Can you do 1 jump?
  • Can you show me 1 finger?
  • Can you point to 1 foot?
  • Can you stamp 1 foot?


What to do next:


Explore finding different objects inside and outside, can the children find and count 1?




Can you find a number 1 anywhere? Is it on a door? On food packaging? Is it on the TV?