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Phonics in Reception


At Bare Trees, children learn to read and write using the Read Write Inc phonic scheme. The children in Reception have started to learn their Set 1 sounds. Every day the children take part in a twenty minute phonic lesson. They explore a new sound, learn the handwriting rhyme, practise their handwriting and then blend sounds to read simple words.


By the end of the Autumn term, all children should be able to blend sounds to read words such as cat, sad, mud, chip and shop.


Set 1 Sounds


Set 1 sounds are taught in the following order:


m a s d t i n p o c k u b f e l h sh r j v y w th z ch qu x ng nk


The sounds are split into bouncy sounds and stretchy sounds.


Bouncy sounds


These sounds need to kept as short as possible and kept pure.


t – tuck tongue behind teeth

p – make distinctive p with lips

k – make sharp click at back of throat

c – as above

h – say h as you breathe out sharply

ch – make a short sneezing sound

x – say a sharp c and add a s

d – tap tongue behind the teeth

g – make soft sound in throat

b – make a short, strong b with lips

j – push lips forward

y – keep edges of tongue against teeth

w – keep lips tightly pursed

qu – keep lips pursed as you say cw


Short vowel sounds


a – open mouth wide as if you to take a bite of an apple

e – release mouth slightly from a position

i – make a sharp sound at the back of the throat and smile

o – push out lips; make the mouth into an o shape

u – make a sound in the throat


Stretchy sounds


These sounds should be stretched slightly. Try and keep the sound pure.


m – mmmmm (keep lips pressed together)

s – sssssssssss (keep teeth together and hiss)

n – nnnnnnnn (keep tongue behind teeth)

f – fffffffffffff  ( keep teeth on bottom lip and force out air sharply)

l – llllllllllllllllll (keep pointed curled tongue behind teeth)

r – rrrrrrrrrrrr ( say rrr as if you are growling)

v – vvvvvvvvv ( keep teeth on bottom lip and force out air gently)

z – zzzzzzzzzz (keep teeth together and make a buzzing sound)

th – thhhhhh ( stick out tongue and breathe out sharply)

sh – shhhhhh (make a sh noise as though you are telling someone to be quiet)

ng – thing on a string (curl your tongue at the back of your throat)

nk – I think I stink (make an oink noise without the oi nk, nk, nk)


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