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Digital Leaders

Welcome to our Digital Leaders page


In our school, we have a chosen Digital Leaders from each class from Year 3 to Year 6 to have the opportunity to take on technical-related responsibilities within their class and throughout other areas of the school.


Their responsibilities include: 

  • Looking after their class iPads
  • To assist (where possible) in helping members of their class within Computing lessons
  • To operate the hall's iMac during assemblies
  • Try out new pieces of technology brought into the school and give feedback
  • Plan any after-school clubs that involve devices. 

Digital Leaders 23/24


Year 3

Eshaal, Inayah and Libah

Year 4

Intazul, Haneefah and Keyaan

Year 5

Samiul, Ania and Abdur-Rahman

Year 6

Lillie-Mae, Farhan and Maryum



What we have learnt in Computing -

Spring Term


Year 6 - We have been making our own maps  to test for the VR club  and we talked about how we can improve the maps and make it more fun and make it a good club - Lillie.


Year 5 - We have been testing out maps for the VR club and talking about what we can do for the VR club to make it a good club. - Ania


Year 4 - We learned about how to keep our devices safe and how to keep us safe from a virus that might infect our devices we love. - Intazul


Year 3 - We have been learning about databases and putting it in sections of data. - Inaayah.


Year 2 -  We have been learning about Animal databases, pictograms & different types of Art - Dan'iel



What we have learnt in Computing - Autumn Term


Year 6 - 'We have been learning about blogging and posting sheets of information about a specific subject like football and rugby and inserting images for decoration.' - Farhan


Year 5 - 'We have been learning about online safety and inserting images and changing the font size and lay out.' - Samiul.


Year 4 - 'I have learnt in Computing that AI uses algorithms to tell you about things.' - Keyaan.


Year 3 - 'I have learnt how to touch type and how to use a key board with both hands.' - Eshaal. 


Year 2 - We have been using 2Paint a Picture to create different Colleges like Pointailism - Amena.