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Supporting Your Child With Spellings


Children are expected to spell a wide range of words with a variety of prefixes (which are added to the start of words - e.g. un, dis) and suffixes (which are added to the end of words - e.g. -ly -ing -tion).  This goes alongside the requirement for them to spell tricky words correctly and make the correct choices of which phonic sounds to use in different words.  Any extra practise at home can really help to support and build on the work that children are doing in school.


Ways to help


Practising spellings can be done in a variety of fun ways. Children will be sent home with spellings to practise using the look, cover, write and check structure but why not try some of these fun ideas too!


* Use magnetic letters to spell the words on the fridge

* Orally rehearse spellings during a car journey

* Create rainbow spellings using a different colour for each letter

*Write the words in a sand tray

* Use water and a paintbrush to spell the words on the pavement

These are the statutory spelling words for Year 4. Your child may bring home additional spellings to these.