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Bare Trees Primary School


I hope you have enjoyed learning lots of nursery rhymes this week.


Our last nursery rhyme is: Row, row, row your boat.


Task 1:


Listen to the song, do you know it?

Can you join in and sing along?

Task 2: What can you see?


  • Who is sitting in the boat?
  • What colours are his t shirt?
  • Where might he be going?
  • What animal does he see at the end of the rhyme?
  • How does the man feel when he sees the crocodile?
  • What does he do when he sees it?


Task 3:

Can you make your own boat? Can you use what objects you already have in your home to make a boat and pretend to row down the stream?



Boats float on the water and crocodiles live in it, what else can you think of that we might find in the water?