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World War 2

In the Spring term, pupils in Year 6 learned about World War II. 


Pupils explored a timeline of events during WWII, starting with Neville Chamberlain's declaration of war.


Pupils thought about children who were evacuated from the cities and what kind of experience they would have had.  They listened to radio interviews and put on 'thinking hats' to empathise.  Pupils then worked together to record their own radio interviews in the role of evacuees.


Radio Interview 1

Radio Interview 2

Radio Interview 3

Radio Interview 4

Pupils also thought about life as a soldier, with a particular focus on the evacuation of Dunkirk - also known as 'Operation Dynamo'.  They discussed life as a soldier in the trenches, having left their families behind, and also the feeling of relief when coming home after the war.


Lambeth Walk


As part of our music sessions, we learned a song called 'The Lambeth Walk'.  Pupils learned the lyrics and enjoyed singing along in their Cockney accents!  Pupils also learned the dance moves that go along with the song and had lots of fun both practising and performing!