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Activity: Share the treats fairly between each dog


How to do it:


Click on play to start the game. Count the treats on the table each time and share fairly by clicking on a treat and moving them one at a time to each dog. Put the treat on the dog and click again to make the treat stay on the dog. When all the treats have been shared out fairly, count how many each dog has, is it fair? Click on the whistle. Then click the green arrow to give playing. 


If you find it tricky: 

Count the treats together and support your child to share the treats one at a time to each dog. When they have shared all the treats. Ask them to count how many each dog has. 

Explain for example 2 treats shared fairly between 2 dogs equals 1 treat each. 

Use objects to show sharing 2 objects between you are your child. 

Repeat for each question



Complete the game. Now have a go at the sharing problems.