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Self Isolation Activities


Yahya's fantastic sandwich design
Yahya enjoyed eating the delicious sandwich he designed and made
Yahya your habitat scene is amazing! Well done!
We are proud of your work Yahya!
A super story Zishan! Well done!
Well done Zara!
Well done Zishan!
Well done Amelia!
Zara has found out lots of facts about Africa
Well done on your poster Ilyas!!
Super poster Zahra
Lovely work Faizah!
Yahya exercises to keep healthy
Zara knows how to keep healthy
Well done Yahya for creating an amazing poster!
A super poster Zara! Well done!
Well done Ilyas!!!
Well done Connie!

Times Tables Rock Stars!

Well done Amelia!!



Pupils are expected to complete 30 minutes per day of independent reading. This should be partly their school reading book, which is matched to their ability to decode and understand the text. Pupils may also read their own personal books or library books during this time.



Pupils are expected to learn ten spellings per week from the Year 2 Common Exception Word List. 


Each week, pupils are expected to write a sentence using each of their ten spelling words. Pupils should research the meaning of each word if necessary and write a sentence featuring the word. This will double as spelling and handwriting practice. 


Pupils can access the websites below to support them with their learning. 



Pupils are expected to complete 30 minutes per day of mathematics activities. We would like pupils to focus on practising addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Pupils have access to the following websites which they can use to practise these skills. 

Non-core Curriculum 


This term, pupils are learning about Amy Johnson and Christopher Columbus as significant explorers. This is a combination of History and Geography, and will help them to develop their skills in both subjects. We encourage pupils to research this topic using the internet, and they may present their findings in any way they want to. Some suggestions would be a poster or a book. 


In Design and Technology the pupils have been learning about structures and have been tasked with building a model skyscraper. The pupils can make this at home using any materials they wish to use.