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Christmas Activities

The pupils in Year 3 have really enjoyed creating exciting art work during the Christmas season. We have also learnt about the Christmas Nativity story, wrote Christmas shape poems and sent Christmas cards to our family and new friends at our linking project schools.


Please see the photographs below for examples of our excellent work.

Christmas Lanterns

Christmas Lanterns 1
Christmas Lanterns 2
Christmas Lanterns 3
Christmas Lanterns 4
Christmas Lanterns 5
Christmas Lanterns 6
Christmas Lanterns 7
Christmas Lanterns 8

Christmas Shape Poems

Christmas Shape Poems 1
Christmas Shape Poems 2
Christmas Shape Poems 3
Christmas Shape Poems 4
Christmas Shape Poems 5

The Christmas Story

The Christmas Story 1
The Christmas Story 2
The Christmas Story 3
The Christmas Story 4
The Christmas Story 5
The Christmas Story 6

Moving Santas

Moving Santas 1
Moving Santas 2
Moving Santas 3


Calendars 1
Calendars 2
Calendars 3
Calendars 4
Calendars 5
Calendars 6
Calendars 7
Calendars 8
Calendars 9

Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards 1
Christmas Cards 2
Christmas Cards 3
Christmas Cards 4