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Autumn 2 - How We Celebrate!


The children in Nursery loved celebrating Halloween, they enjoyed dressing up and exploring lots of different sensory experiences. The children used play dough to create creepy spiders and counted how many legs they had. We decorated witches cauldrons and made magic wands after reading out focus story 'Thats not my witch'.


Bonfire Night

This week in Nursery we were thinking about bonfire night. We watched lots of videos of fireworks and encouraged the children to talk about what they could see, describing the colours they could see and the sounds they could hear. We then created lots of exciting pieces of artwork using our hands and pipe cleaners to re-create the fireworks we saw.  

Remembrance day

This week the children have been thinking about Remembrance day. We discussed why we celebrate Remembrance day and the importance of wearing poppies to show that we are remembering soldiers that have died or been hurt. The children talked about how the soldiers would have felt going to fight and we then made them bravery medals. We also enjoyed making poppies using lots fo different resources, as well as making a poppy wreath to place on the cenotaph that the children built. 


In Nursery we loved thinking about Birthdays, the children loved to talk about their birthdays and the different things they did to celebrate. We made our own party hats, looked at different numbers on birthday balloons and made our own birthday cake. The children then wrote about what presents they would like for their birthday.