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Unique United Kingdom

In our topic Unique UK we have been learning about the United Kingdom. We have learnt all about England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland and how to locate these countries. We have researched and learnt about the capital cities of the United Kingdom and we have been locating them within our atlases.

We have learnt some of the major cities and counties within the United Kingdom.

In our English lessons, we have been creating our own non-chronological reports all about the United Kingdom. Here are some of our reports. 

Non-Chronological reports


In our Art lesson we have been practising Sketching. A sketch is a freehand drawing that is not usually intended as a finished piece of work. We have been sketching famous landmarks in the United Kingdom. Here are some examples of our sketches of Blackpool Tower and the Wheel.

Blackpool Tower and Wheel

Unique UK Collages by Year 3 pupils

In Year 3 we have been designing, making and evaluating our very own bridges. We have enjoyed investigating bridges, collecting our materials, planning our designs within our groups, creating and making our bridges. We then evaluated and made changes to our bridges. We had fun making our bridges.

Structures- Bridges

Our completed Bridges


In Year 3 we have been learning about all the cities in the United Kingdom. This week we have been researching the city of Liverpool. We have been looking at the Liver birds of Liverpool. The Liver birds are a special symbol of Liverpool. There are two liver birds Bettie and Bertie, Bettie looks over the city and Bertie looks over the sea in Liverpool.

Castleshaw- November 2019

We visited Castleshaw as part of our Linking Project in Year 3. We visited with Holy Rosary school, Thorpe and St. Pauls. We were split into two groups for our day. First we played get to know you games, orienteering and then we went on the adventure park. After our lunch, we looked at the United Kingdom and it's countries. We then used Google Earth to locate our schools and Castleshaw.  Then we looked at maps, using our map and fieldwork skills we had to complete a walk through the grounds, up on the hills passing bridges and the reservoir. We had to use the key symbols and clues on the map to find the correct route. We enjoyed our day, we made new friends and developed our skills as Geographers.

In Year 3 to help us learn important facts about the UK we have been using our Knowledge Organisers.

We have found these really helpful as they tell us more information and even explain vocabulary we do not understand.

Here are some pictures of us using our Knowledge Organisers.

Mountains In The UK


This week we have been researching which are the highest mountains in the UK.  We began by using  atlases to look at maps of the UK to find out the names of the mountains, which country they were in and how high they were.

After that, we used Google maps and Google earth to look closer at the features of each mountain.