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We expect all staff and visitors to share this commitment.
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'Superstars of the Week'

At Bare Trees Primary School, we love to celebrate the hard work and achievements of our pupils. Every Friday, a Superstar is chosen from each class as well as a Reader of the week, Writer of the week,  Forest School Superstar, Talking Champion and a Lunchtime Superstar. Their parents are welcomed in to celebrate with us at our Superstar Assembly. 

Friday 17th January

Friday 17th January 1

Friday 10th January

Friday 10th January 1
Friday 10th January 2

Friday 13th December

Friday 13th December 1
Friday 13th December 2

Friday 6th December

Friday 6th December 1
Friday 6th December 2

Friday 29th November

Friday 29th November 1
Friday 29th November 2

Friday 22nd November

Friday 22nd November 1
Friday 22nd November 2

Friday 8th November

Friday 8th November 1
Friday 8th November 2

Friday 25th October

Friday 25th October 1

Friday 18th October

Friday 18th October 1

Friday 11th October

Friday 11th October 1

Friday 4th October

Friday 4th October 1
Friday 4th October 2

Friday 27th September

Friday 27th September 1
Friday 27th September 2

Friday 20th September

Friday 20th September 1
Friday 20th September 2

Friday 13th September

Friday 13th September  1
Friday 13th September  2

Friday12th July

Friday12th July 1

Friday 5th July

Friday 5th July 1

Friday 21st June

Friday 21st June 1

Friday 14th June

Friday 14th June 1
Friday 14th June 2

Friday 23rd May

Friday 23rd May 1

Friday 17th May

Friday 17th May 1
Friday 17th May 2

Friday 10th May

Friday 10th May 1

Friday 3rd May

Friday 3rd May 1
Friday 3rd May 2

Friday 29th March

Friday 29th March 1
Friday 29th March 2

Friday 22nd March

Friday 22nd March 1
Friday 22nd March 2

Friday 7th December

Friday 7th December 1
Friday 7th December 2

Friday 30th November

Friday 30th November 1

Friday 23rd November

Friday 23rd November 1

Friday 16th November

Friday 16th November 1

Friday 9th November

Friday 9th November 1

Friday 26th October

Friday 26th October 1

Friday 19th October

Friday 19th October 1
Friday 19th October 2

Friday 12th October

Friday 12th October 1
Friday 12th October 2

Friday 5th October

Friday 5th October 1

Friday 28th September

Friday 28th September 1

Friday 14th September 2018

Friday 14th September 2018 1

Friday 8th July

Friday 8th July 1

Friday 6th July

Friday 6th July 1

Friday 29th June

Friday 29th June 1

Friday 22nd June

Friday 22nd June 1

Friday 8th June

Friday 8th June 1
Friday 8th June 2

Friday 25th May

Friday 25th May 1
Friday 25th May 2

Friday 11th May

Friday 11th May 1
Friday 11th May 2

Friday 4th May

Friday 4th May 1

Friday 20th April

Friday 20th April 1
Friday 20th April 2

Friday 23rd March

Friday 23rd March 1
Friday 23rd March 2

Friday 16th March

Friday 16th March 1
Friday 16th March 2

Friday 23rd February

Friday 23rd February 1
Friday 23rd February 2

Friday 9th February

Friday 9th February 1
Friday 9th February 2

Friday 5th February

Friday 5th February 1
Friday 5th February 2

Friday 26th January

Friday 26th January 1
Friday 26th January 2

Friday 19th January

Friday 19th January  1

Friday 8th December

Friday 8th December 1

Friday 1st December

Friday 1st December 1
Friday 1st December 2

Friday 24th November

Friday 24th November 1
Friday 24th November 2

Friday 17th November

Friday 17th November 1

Friday 10th November

Friday 10th November 1
Friday 10th November 2

Friday 14th July

Friday 14th July 1

Friday 7th July

Friday 7th July 1
Friday 7th July 2

Friday 30th June

Friday 30th June  1
Friday 30th June  2

Friday 23rd June

Friday 23rd June 1
Friday 23rd June 2

Friday 16th June

Friday 16th June 1
Friday 16th June 2

Friday 9th June

Friday 9th June 1
Friday 9th June 2

Friday 26th May

Friday 26th May 1

Friday 19th May

Friday 19th May 1
Friday 19th May 2

Friday 12th May

Friday 12th May  1
Friday 12th May  2

Friday 5th May

Friday 5th May 1
Friday 5th May 2

Friday 28th April 2017

Friday 28th April 2017 1
Friday 28th April 2017 2

Friday 21st April 2017

Friday 21st April 2017 1

Friday 31st March

Friday 31st March 1
Friday 31st March 2

Friday 24th March

Friday 24th March 1

Friday 17th March

Friday 17th March 1
Friday 17th March 2

Friday 13th March

Friday 13th March 1

Friday 10th March

Friday 10th March 1
Friday 10th March 2

Friday 3rd March

Friday 3rd March  1
Friday 3rd March  2

Friday 24th February

Friday 24th February 1