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Royal Baby

During the Infant assembly on Wednesday 25th April we celebrated the arrival of the new Royal baby who arrived on St Georges Day, 23rd April. Mrs Squibbs taught the children about the family tree and how Royal announcements are traditionally made. We also talked about how the Royal baby doesn't have a name yet. We decided to have a vote as to what we think the Royal baby will be called. Our options were:


Prince James

Prince Arthur

Prince Frederick

Prince Albert

Prince Philip


The majority of children chose Prince James and the majority of teachers chose Prince Arthur.


We are all eager to find out what the new baby is going to be called!


*UPDATE* (27.4.18)


After days of speculation, and lots of children asking Mrs Squibbs if she had found out the name of the baby, we finally find out today! His name is Prince Louis Arthur Charles. We think that is a lovely name and Mrs Squibbs thinks it's a brilliant name as her son is also called Louie!


We look forward to seeing him grow up.