Safeguarding Notice

Bare Trees Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all children.
We expect all staff and visitors to share this commitment.
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Mission Statement & School Aims

Mission Statement


At Bare Trees Primary School we are committed to treating and developing each child as an individual, recognising that children develop at different rates and in their own way, depending on all the different influences of home, school and society. We intend to ensure each child’s inclusion, and to give each child as complete an education as possible. It is school’s aim to develop each child physically, socially, morally, emotionally and intellectually in a secure, supportive environment, enabling the children to fulfil their own potential and preparing them as fully as possible for the next part of their lives.
The school aims…

  • to create a happy school where very child matters and where children develop good relationships and a positive attitude to learning.
  • to promote excellence and enjoyment, building on pupils’ skills and interests, developing confidence in their own ability and enabling them to make a positive contribution to the school and wider community.
  • to provide pupils with key skills in Literacy, Numeracy, Science and ICT and link these skills with other areas of learning.
  • to foster community cohesion through a sense of community responsibility and tolerance by respecting the feelings, views and capabilities of others.
  • to promote racial equality, ensuring each pupil’s inclusion and enabling all pupils to realise their potential regardless of race, gender or ability.
  • to instil a respect for religious and moral values and tolerance of other races, religions and ways of life.
  • to provide a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum, which ensures continuity and progression and enables pupils to develop as independent learners, developing an appreciation of, and a personal response to a range of experiences and ideas; aesthetic, scientific, technological and social.
  • to develop pupils’ physical skills and their understanding of what constitutes a safe and healthy lifestyle.
  • to provide appropriate resources to meet the needs of staff and pupils.
  • to encourage pupils to respect and care for the environment.
  • to encourage the involvement of parents in their child’s education.